baby steps (Part II)

While reading Psalm 18, my eyes stuck to this verse:

You enlarged my path under me,
So my feet did not slip.
(Psalm 18:36 NKJV)

Now bear with me for a moment.

Conventional wisdom states that “it’s all a matter of perspective.” To springboard off this, I often viewed my journey on the straight and narrow as akin to walking across a slightly wobbly tightrope over an endless chasm on either side. As a tallish man with longish feet, I naturally found the situation to be fraught with slipping. But until pondering this particular verse, I never considered that if I were to become incredibly small, my pilgrimage would become much less precarious.

In fact, depending on my size, the straight and narrow could range from the daintiness of dental floss to a highway sporting graciously wide lanes. Now it’s possible that those who are quite large and stately, with a corresponding gait, could reach the pearly gates within a step (or few), while the ant-like often have difficulty in keeping their spirits up as the Celestial City glimmers just beyond the horizon. But curiously enough, everyone promptly arrives at the end.

I suspect that the trouble of one’s size continues afterlife however. A giant of a person might survive the harrowing passage across the abyss and reach the towering walls of the Everlasting City, but they might be shocked to discover that the only entrance into the kingdom of heaven is much too small for them to enter. One can only imagine then what a tremendous bout of weeping and gnashing of teeth there would be outside those mighty walls as the camels violently flounder about before the eye of a needle.